Faculty and Students oppose the EAA

EMU College of Education Faculty and students attending EMU's Board of Regents meeting 12/10/13

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Protecting Academic Freedom

As a member of the American Association of University Professors and a member of the Collective Bargaining Congress, the EMU-AAUP chapter strives to protect the faculty’s right to academic freedom and ensure faculty governance exists and is upheld at Eastern Michigan University.

Faculty Serving Faculty

The EMU-AAUP is the bargaining agent for the full time tenure track faculty of Eastern Michigan University. Since 1974, the EMU-AAUP has had a rich history of negotiating union contracts for the EMU faculty. We have negotiated 15 contracts during our history. This website details many of our financial analysis on faculty compensation and health care costs.
Sep 15 2014

EMU-AAUP Newsletter - Issue One - September 2014

Aug 26 2014

By Peter Schmidt

The humble calculator has emerged as a powerful weapon for faculty members battling administrators over spending.

When university leaders say they need to hold down instructional spending because of a budget crunch, the American Association of University Professors often seeks to debunk their claims by crunching numbers.

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Aug 14 2014

Simmering faculty concerns about Eastern Michigan University's involvement with the Education Achievement Authority may bring additional focus to state concerns over the charter schools it authorizes. EMU is among 11 across the state at risk of losing its ability to authorize more charter school operations.

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